Eco Tanks

Beef up your swimming pool with Eco Tanks!

With many beaches across South Africa being closed, it may be time to upgrade your home swimming pool with an Eco Tanks backwash tank! The Eco backwash tank is a translucent vertical 500l or 1000l tank. The difference between a backwash tank and a standard water tank is found in the configuration of the fittings. Some of the many advantages of this system are as follows:

1. Up to 90% reduction in pool water top ups.
2. Chemical consuption reduction due to the water being drained back to the pool with all the chemicals you’ve been adding.
3. Backwash frequency can increase due to the water that is retained in the backwash tank.
4. Between 500l and 1000l of valuable water is saved every backwash cycle. (Equivalent to an entire pool fill in one year)
5. Families can enjoy the pool without the weight of water abuse and shortage in certain areas.

You can see this amazing design in action below!